Massage is a general term - you may come across the terms Swedish Massage, Remedial massage among others. Massage therapy promotes relaxation and may help ease stress and tension. Because touch is a primary human need, massage is rooted in human culture. The Chinese have been massaging since 3000 BC and it still a popular treatment to this present day.

Each type of massage has its own specific techniques as briefly explained below.

swed mass newSwedish Massage

Hands on massage is always introduced with long, soothing and flowing movements call ‘Effleurage’. Other movements performed are ‘Kneading’, ‘Vibrations’, ‘Frictions’ and ‘Tapotement or Percussion’ which are light brisk on off movements that you may associate a massage with.

reme mass newRemedial Sports Massage

This is usually a deeper more intense massage. It incorporates a combination of Swedish massage techniques with Infra-red pre-heat treatment, manipulating and stretching soft tissue and audio sonic machine. Excellent for tight shoulders, tension nodules and stiff back.

quartzQuartz Spa

Harnessing the therapeutic healing energies of Quartz crystal with the power of the purest aromatherapy oils, Quartz Spa is a modern mood and skin enhancing holistic massage treatment. Centred around three blends – Happiness, Hope & Energise. Find the blend for you and relax and enjoy. 

Following on from your consultation, together we will discuss the most effective technique/s to use for your massage treatment to reach your main aims and chose oils to enhance your treatment and skin.

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