are necessary for beauty and massage treatments to ensure you receive the most appropriate treatment (and any adaptations required), selection of your products and aftercare advice. Your consultation is on a one to one basis (unless otherwise requested or if you are under 16 years of age). All questions will be relative to the treatment booked. Relative information will be recorded and notes taken after treatments eg: products used, reactions, timing of treatments and aftercare advice– you can view at any time. All information is stored confidentially and in compliance with GDPR 

massage newMassage & Facials

Your initial consultation will require some medical information, general health and lifestyle questions. This will allow me to help select products and provide the most effective treatment plan for you to reach your desired results. Your following treatments will require a less in-depth consultation, checking for any changes in information and discussing progress from your last treatment. 

nails newNails, Waxing & Eye Treatments

Your consultation your will have time to tell me what you would like to gain from your treatment for example: areas to be waxed or colour of polish. For myself I can assess if I need to adapt anything for that days’ treatment for example: cut nails to even length, avoid a bruise.

facial newFacials

A facial is combination of skin care treatments for the face, including steaming, hot towel, extraction, exfoliation (manual or mechanical), face masks and massage that is tailored to your specific skin conditions and concerns.

A full skin analysis, which includes verbal questioning about your skin and skin care routine together with visual face to face and after cleansing using a magnifying lamp, allows us to provide the perfect facial for you to reach your goals.

We will then select products to suit your skin from Crystal Clear or Neal’s Yard Organics and your specific treatment program.

Watch a video about Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

eyes newEye Treatments

To enhance your eyes. Tinting * -  vegetable dye used to add colour and depth to brows and lashes. Shape - removing eyebrow hairs to create a complementary shape for your features.
*an allergy test is always required and must be visual on day of treatment

pedicure newNail Treatments

To enhance your hands, feet and nails. Chose from OPI Traditional, Infinite & Gel polish to finish your look.


waxing newWaxing

Waxing temporary removes unwanted hair from your face & body using a warm wax. The warm wax is applied to the area and removed briskly taking the unwanted hairs. The hairs are removed from their roots so any new hair has to RE-GROW – this can take between three to six weeks depending on the area treated – leaving your skin smooth and hair free.

Please note: Hairs must be at least 1-2 cm. For 24 hours after waxing avoid; heat, sunlight, perfumed products, applying false tan.